The Sweetwater Creek Bluegrass Band was founded with a simple idea: have fun picking bluegrass music! The three members are Ernie Cole on stand-up bass, David Mold on mandolin, and Penn McClatchey on guitar. They feature tight three-part harmonies and a cohesive, driving sound. The band was founded in early 2012 but between them they have decades of experience making music in genres ranging from blues, singer-songwriter, to rock and roll. Today they enjoy playing primarily traditional bluegrass with gospel and even a few original bluegrass tunes.

Ernie's smooth vocals, solid back beat, and never-met-a-man he didn't like attitude are the soul of the band. David's smooth and consistently tasteful Mandolin work is a result of playing in several bands around North Georgia during the last ten years and his skill shines through with every performance. Penn has played guitar since the age of 12 but has only recently studied bluegrass. His newfound enthusiasm for the genre combined with his experience create an earnest and smooth approach to bluegrass guitar.

Once Bluegrass music gets in your blood it becomes a friend for life. The Sweetwater Creek bluegrass band wants you have as much fun listening to them as they have playing for you.

To contact the Sweetwater Creek Bluegrass Band:
Email: Tel: 404 320 6365